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For the last 10 years Kevin has featured in a number of books, media stories and other projects. 

Portrait of Kevin Humphreys at the Australia

Painted portrait of Kevin Humphreys at the Australian War Memorial

Australian War Memorial Portrait


In 2009 official war artists Lyndell Brown and Charles Green painted a portrait of Kevin for the Australian War Memorial based on his deployments to Afghanistan in 2006 and 2007. 


To read the story behind the portrait click here.




In 2016, veteran journalist Chris Masters interviewed Kevin as part of his book ‘No Front Line – ‘Australia’s Special Forces at War in Afghanistan’ about Kevin’s involvement in a battle 10 years earlier. This mission was also included in a Canadian book titled ‘No Ordinary Men’ by Colonel Bernd Horn.




  • Returned Services League magazine (Queensland) – October  2017. 
    To view article, click here.


  • QWeekend Magazine published a feature story about Kevin in the lead up to ANZAC Day 2018. 

  • Air Pilot - Edition 2 2018.

  • Air Pilot - Edition 1 2019.

The Australian War Memorial - Documentary


In 2017, Kevin was interviewed by Chris Masters on behalf of the AWM for their ‘From the Shadows’ – the history of Australia’s Special Forces’ exhibition. The interview took two parts; firstly the operational aspects of missions in Afghanistan, secondly the impact on families and individually.  View here. 

Video 1: From the Shadows - (see 15:10 mark for Kevin's interview). 

Video 2: From the Shadows - (see 08:50 mark for Kevin's interview). 


Social Media


September 2018 – Kevin was interviewed as part of the launch for the Stand Tall 4 Post Traumatic Stress convoy. It’s a quick (less than 2 mins) snapshot of what Kevin talks about and why. It had over 25,000 global hits on social media during the 3 week convoy. To view click here

November 2018 - Following Kevin’s presentation to the Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation they released a short video which captures the essence of Kevin’s message encouraging courageous and compassionate conversations around mental illness. 

Here’s a link to the video on the CSC LinkedIn page.

Kevin Humphreys' presentation to the Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation

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