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Our Great and Noble Cause, Values and Behaviours

Our Great and Noble Cause is to LIFT HUMANITY.


We achieve this by inspiring people to engage in Noble Self-Leadership. When you're selfish to be selfless you increase your physical, emotional and cognitive self-awareness, bringing the best version of you to work and home. The best version of ourselves displays Loyalty, Humility, Courage, Compassion, Congruence and Curiosity everyday. By practicing these values, trauma at work and home is managed then eliminated, making inter-generational trauma impossible and so, humanity is lifted.


The Cause first,

then the team,

then self.


It's the team
that allows the
individual to shine.


Be afraid and
do it anyway..


We have no idea
what other people
are dealing with.
Be kind.


Integrity and
alignment of one's
words and actions.


The path to better
quality answers
is better quality

Our Values

We are proudly selfish to be selfless.


We maintain focus on the Cause and adjust the process if required.


We ensure the needs and benefit of the team are more important than individual gains

We only seek humans here, not superheroes.


We actively listen before speaking.

We practice gratitude to appreciate all things great and small.

We know that failure hurts, we welcome their lessons as essential ingredients for success.

We believe there will always be setbacks; it's how we respond that
determines our value.


We embrace
vulnerability as a form of courage because we know it’s ok not to have
all the answers.

We treat all people as we wish to be treated, with respect and compassion.

We use open and honest communication to build trust.

Failure strengthens our support system.

We exercise selfcompassion without

We do not compromise
on people, safety,
quality or delivery.


We speak-up if our
values or principles are not respected.


We have zero-tolerance for
unethical and non-compliant behaviours.

We view every problem as the start of a new


We ask 'how can I?'
rather than say 'I can't'.


We welcome questions because two heads are
better than one.


We seek out others
perspectives to see
things differently.


We seek help; a problem
shared is a problem

Our Behaviours

Download the Great and Noble Cause, values and behaviours worksheet to develop your own

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