“Kevin is an incredibly engaging speaker with a remarkable story to tell. Kevin’s telling of how he reached the top of his game in the military and then experiencing the depths of PTSD and depression, followed by working his way out from those dark days is motivating and inspirational. Kevin’s messages are powerful and important; his story is one you need to hear.”


Damon Whittock

Corporate Affairs Manager, Member and Employer Services

Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation


“Kevin, thank you. You smashed the stereotype of an individual with a mental illness. Having the courage to speak so openly as our keynote speaker and sharing your first-hand experience was compelling, candid and provocative. Everyone left not just informed, but transformed. You helped us understand that we need to be “doing it better” and that there is hope for recovery, and the small things that we do on a daily basis can make a difference.”

Safety Manager, Airbus Australia Pacific


“Highly recommended! Listening to his story, what struck me most was the personal courage he demonstrated time and again. Kevin’s messages are positive and he is living proof that despite PTSD, you can get back to the top of your game.”


David Wilton

Senior Manager Defence Liaison

Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation


“I’ve never seen a room of 160+ construction workers so silent – you could’ve heard a pin drop.”


Site Supervisor

Hutchinson Builders